Yoohoo: Yoohooo, a drink made with sugar and sugar-sweetened water

The makers of a sweet drink have made it a hit on the streets of Los Angeles with a video of the product’s creators making a yoohoo from sweetened water and sugar.

Yoohoos, a popular treat made from ice cream or cake batter, are often marketed as “cool” and have been the subject of intense criticism from critics.

The Yooho, a yo-yo shaped like a cupcake, is the brainchild of San Francisco-based artist and entrepreneur Adam Bienkowski.

It is currently sold at popular grocery stores including Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.

The video, released this week on YouTube, features a group of Yoohos making a drink using sweetened and unrefined sugar and water.

“Yoohoo is like a yoghurt bar,” the group says, while other members of the group sip the beverage.

The group explains that it was inspired by the popular ice cream and cake-shaped Yoohoot, a product popularized in the 1960s.

“People loved Yoohoopers,” the video’s narrator says.

“They were just so popular and everybody wanted to drink them.”

The Yoahoo was created by Adam Brienkowski in San Francisco.

He created the Yoohoyo, which he hopes to expand to other cities.

The creators of the Yoahoot are from San Francisco and they’re doing a Yoohowo in LA, San Francisco, NY and NY, according to the video description.

The yo-yos are the brain children of Adam Biankowski, who founded the Yo-yo and Yoohood company in 2011.

The makers say the Yoowo is “a fun, healthy way to eat ice cream with yoghurts” and “a delicious treat for sweet tooths and babies”.

Adam Bialkowski, the creator of Yoahoom, said that Yoohyo is a popular product in San Franciscos.

“Our company is the only company in the world with an actual yo-Yo in it,” he said.

“It is a great drink, and people have been asking for it.”

The creators are also releasing a YoYo app for Apple and Android devices.