Why is Monaco drink machine being sold in the UK?

Monaco, the French ice cream company, announced it was partnering with an American technology company, Electrolux, to develop a drinking water machine.

This is in response to UK laws banning the sale of machines that allow the consumer to take cold water directly from a drink dispenser. 

The machine will allow the user to drink from a water dispenser via a water bottle.

The company says the device can be used in hospitals and emergency departments, and is currently in use in the US.

It will be the first device to be installed in Britain.

The drink machine will also allow customers to drink water directly to their mouth via the tap of the device. 

It will be able to handle up to three litres of water at a time, with a maximum capacity of 1.5 litres.

Electrolux is known for its high-tech water purifiers, but the company is also a pioneer in the field of wearable technologies.

It is also the first drink machine manufacturer to be purchased by a company from a foreign country, and has also worked with other beverage makers to create devices that can be worn.