Which Uber driver is the most awesome?

A man is getting recognition for his work with Uber.

In the UK, a driver named David O’Hare, who is a former bus driver and an Uber driver, has won the award for “most awesome Uber driver” at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

“I am not proud to have won this award but I am absolutely honoured,” O’Harare told the Guardian.

He told the newspaper that he was in the process of deciding whether to go back to Uber and that he had had a very hard time getting a job in London.

“Uber has not been a great experience,” he said.

“The job that I have been doing is hard.

I am lucky that I got the job, but it has not worked out for me.”

He told The Guardian that he felt he was being discriminated against.

“What happened to me was very clear to me,” he added.

They were also saying that I couldn’t speak English, I didn’t speak good English, that I was not good enough, or that I didn