Which states have the highest number of drinking fountain bans?

Malibu Can drinks, the nation’s largest drinking fountain company, is banning the use of water fountains at its Malibu can and Malibu Island locations, according to a company spokesperson.

The Malibu company has been working with the state of California to implement the ban.

A spokesperson for the company said it is “not aware of any state where the water fountain ban is in place.”

“We appreciate the state’s support of our efforts and want to provide an open dialogue with any interested parties to continue to develop and implement a water fountain ordinance in our industry,” said the spokesperson.

“We do not have specific information about where this ban is being implemented and we hope to hear back from the state about its progress.”

The ban comes as the beverage industry grapples with a record number of new illnesses and deaths linked to drinking water.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported this week that the number of deaths linked with drinking water spiked more than 890 percent in the last five years, up from around 2,400 cases in 2014.

More than 5,400 people in the United States died of water-related illnesses in 2017, according the CDC.

The latest data shows that the largest number of illnesses related to drinking tap water occurred in 2018.

“The state of Hawaii, where the Malibu fountain ban was implemented, is the first state to implement this ban, and we are excited to join them in our effort to protect our residents from a growing public health crisis,” said Bill Loomis, CEO of MalibuCan.