Which cities are the most expensive to drink in America?

When it comes to how much a city’s drinking water costs, the most pricey place to go is Malibu, California, home of the world’s most expensive ice drink.

The water costs $5,000 per year for residents and residents only.

It’s the priciest place to drink, according to a study by The Associated Press.

Here’s how the average Malibu resident spends each year: Year 1: $567 Year 2: $1,070 Year 3: $2,890 Year 4: $4,460 Year 5: $6,300 Year 6: $9,100 Year 7: $11,600 Year 8: $16,350 Year 9: $20,460 Source: AP/Marianne Parnes-Goulds/The Associated Press article Malibu has a reputation for being a boozer’s paradise, with a median price of $566 per month.

That’s one of the highest in the country.

But for residents who have a lot of disposable income, that means paying nearly $4 a day.

That can add up to $8,000 a year for the average household.

According to the study, residents pay about $4.60 per liter of water, which is higher than the national average of $3.70.

A large portion of the city’s water is used for residents’ gardens, including the city park and outdoor swimming pool.

The report estimated that Malibu spends about $2.5 billion a year on water bills.

That compares to about $600 million for a typical U.S. city.

According the AP, there’s no official data on how much the city spends on water.

But a 2012 report from the Center for American Progress estimated that a typical household in Malibu pays about $1.50 per day in water bills for water, about $6.20 for water and sewer services and about $20.30 for water from municipal sources.

There are also fees for wastewater, which costs $3 per day for water.

There is no national water system, but there is a network of municipal water systems in the U.K. and Germany.

Source: The Associated Statesman/AP