When we were young and hungry: Cosmo’s ‘soul-sucking’ soda comes in three flavours

The first Cosmo drink was created by the legendary Coca-Cola Co. back in 1939.

But it wasn’t until the 1960s that the world’s most popular beverage finally saw the light of day.

Cosmo is now owned by Coca-Cola, which introduced the drink as a flavourless alternative to soda.

But in its new formulation, it’s got a different flavour.

The company is aiming to bring the drink to the masses by offering a variety of flavours, each with their own benefits and drawbacks.

Read on to find out how it works.

What is Cosmo?

Cosmo is a liquid that’s basically made of powdered sugar, water, and other ingredients that have been boiled down into a syrup.

The sugar is then poured into a glass, and then it’s stirred into the water.

This mixture is stirred with the tip of a wooden spoon to make a sugary drink.

Cosmopolitan style: Cosmopolis’ unique flavours are all flavours, with each offering its own benefits & downsidesRead moreAfter it’s poured, you drink a shot of the soda in a cup with a straw, which then is taken to a restaurant for a meal.

It’s also available in two flavors: a traditional version that is just a glass of the drink, and a non-alcoholic version that contains less sugar and water.

Cosmo can be a little pricey for what it offers, but it is available in stores across the US and Canada, and you can even try it for yourself if you want to.

It costs $6.99 for a 12-ounce bottle and $12.99 a 12.5-ounce can, or $7.99 per 12-pack.

It comes in flavours such as:Coca-Cola: Blueberry, Cranberry, Lemon, Peach, Strawberry, Orange, Strawberry Kiwi, Vanilla and Grapefruit.

The Coca-cola logo is shown on the bottom of the Cosmo glass.

Coca Cola: Blue raspberry, cranberry, lemon, peach, strawberry, orange, strawberry Kiwi.

Coke: Red raspberry, red grapefruit, grapefruit and grapefruit Kiwi with pineapple.

Coca-Coke is a brand that has been around for a while, and has been popular in the US for years.

But the brand was first introduced to the US in the mid-1990s and is now widely available in most major US cities.

The Coca-Kool-Aid is a popular drink in the UK, and is also popular around the world.

Coca Cola, Coca- Cola Plus: Orange, strawberry and strawberry Kiwis with pineapple and strawberry.

Coffee-Cola (coffee-based version)Coffe-Cola Plus: Green and orange.

Citrus: Lemon and lime.

Cigars: Orange and lime with pineapple, strawberry.

DrinkUp (no sugar added)Drink Up: Pineapple, lemon and lime, with pineapple flavoured water.

Drinks like this are available in the same variety as the soda, but with added flavours.

These drinks also have a sugar content.

Drinking a bottle of Coke-Cola or Coke-Coca Plus is a little like drinking a Coke-Pepsi – you don’t get the extra calories, or the extra sugar, but you do get the taste.

They’re also cheaper than the soda version.

However, unlike the soda drink, the drink doesn’t come with a spoon, so you have to make sure that you can handle it without breaking a sweat.

Cosmochips also offer a drink with a plastic spoon that’s easy to handle.

And for the less-experienced drinkers, the new drinks don’t have as much sugar as their regular versions, so they’ll probably be easier to handle than a regular bottle of soda.

Read moreIf you’re not in a hurry to try the new Cosmo, you can still get the original, but the new bottle comes in a slightly different shape.

It also has a slightly larger mouth.

The Cosmo version comes in four sizes: 12 ounces, 15 ounces, 25 ounces and 32 ounces.

Cosmopolis is a family-owned business in Melbourne, Australia, which also owns other brands like Ciroc, the Australian coffee brand, and Naturals.

Cosmopolitan is the most popular of these brands, which is also owned by the Cosmopoli family.

The company’s co-founder, Cosmoko, said that the company is passionate about serving people in Australia, and that they’re going to make the drink available across the country, including in Melbourne.

The new Cosmopolics are coming in three flavors: the classic, the fruity, and the mint.

The mint version is a fruity drink, with raspberry flavoured rum.

The original Cosmopolises were made from a mixture of pineapple, citrus and grape fruit.