When the world needs a white claw drink

Drinking distilled water is not a white-knuckle experience for most Indians.

But with a shortage of distilled water supplies, the government has ordered a recall of white claw drinks. 

The drink, made with water from the black coral reefs in the Indian Ocean, has been on the market in India for more than a decade.

The beverage is popular among young and old, and the government ordered a ban on the sale of it last month.

The drink is made with white coral, and it is made from white corals that grow on the reefs.

The government said that the product is not certified to be non-alcoholic or non-gulf related.

But the drinks are not sold in stores, so they have not gone into general circulation in India.

According to the ministry of drinking and health, the white claw is popular in India among children because it contains a lot of nutrients and the taste is sweet.

The product is a popular choice for Indian families who have a small consumption of sugar and other refined foods.