When is drinking alone safe?

Wired article Drinking Alone is a drinking game where you are encouraged to drink as little as possible, but you’re also given a score based on how many drinks you’ve consumed.

The game was created by a friend of mine.

He decided to put it online and I started drinking a lot.

I was in my early twenties and drinking regularly, but it wasn’t until I started getting into really bad trouble with alcohol that I started thinking about drinking alone.

I was drinking a fair bit with my friends and I knew that I was drinking too much, but I didn’t know that I could stop drinking, or that I should stop drinking.

I’d always been in a bit of a cycle where I drank too much and then felt bad about it, so I knew it was time to get back to where I was.

I think my drinking became more about self-care than self-esteem, because I was so in the habit of drinking.

The drinking was just the coping mechanism to keep me safe and safe to drink, and to drink with people.

I found that it’s actually really hard to break the cycle of drinking, because when you’re drinking, you’re so focused on the negative side of things, so you don’t think about how you can actually get sober.

When you’re drunk, you start thinking about the positives.

I really didn’t realise that I’d been drinking for a long time and the thought of going back to drinking was really upsetting, but once I realised that, that was the turning point.

When I realised how bad my drinking was, I stopped drinking altogether.

But it was really hard for me to stop drinking at that point because I just couldn’t see myself drinking again.

It’s not about the amount of alcohol, it’s about not being able to drink the amount you need to be safe.

I realised that I couldn’t stop drinking for me, but not for anyone else.

And that’s when I realised there was a really powerful and deep psychological thing at play in drinking that I wasn’t even aware of.

When you’re at the point where you feel like you’re going to be drinking more than you need, it becomes really hard.

You’re not going to get sober if you’re a regular person, and if you start drinking a few times a week and you’ve got a bad period, you may have a few drinks that you don.

You may have no alcohol in your system for months.

But for me it’s a lot easier to drink when I’m at that stage.

It’s not just the amount that you drink that matters, it also depends on what it’s really about.

What it’s all about is being able or wanting to stop yourself from drinking, but also not feeling bad about yourself.

The best thing to do is just to stop.