‘What’s next?’: Applebees in Sydney’s pastis drinks

A cider, cider, and applebee in Sydney is in the mix for the future of Sydney’s Pastis Beverages.

Photo: Supplied Last month, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that Applebees was exploring the possibility of taking over the store.

A report from the ABC in March revealed that Applebee’s was in discussions with a number of locations in Sydney, including Macquarie Street, and was in talks with the former Nestlé Australia as well as the former Tandoori food processing plant.

According to the report, Applebee was in negotiations with two potential partners, but none of those were identified.

Applebee’s would have to be the only retailer of pastis beverages in Sydney at the time.

The report stated that the Pastis brand is currently owned by Applebees’ parent company, Almond Australia.

Pastis was a staple in the Sydney community, serving the majority of Sydney residents in the 1990s and 2000s.

As of now, Applebees Pastis drinks are sold at more than 20 stores across the state, including the former New South Wales Fairgrounds, as well the Sydney Cricket Ground, the Melbourne Cricket Ground and the Adelaide Oval.

It’s not clear whether Applebees plans to continue its partnership with Nestlé after the purchase of Nestlé, which would be a major coup for the company.

Nestlé was previously owned by Nestlé Food Group, which is also based in Sydney.

Former New South Welsh premier Peter Costello is reportedly interested in buying the company for $7.2 billion, which includes the interest in the former Applebees, according to the ABC.