What to expect in the holidays: ‘Hugs’ drink in the Christmas spirit

A special gift from your family, a birthday gift or a festive gift.

What to expect: Christmas drinks are always a hit.

Christmas drinks are often a family affair and it’s a great way to spend a day or two away.

It’s the same old holiday-themed Christmas story: the Christmas tree, toys and a Christmas Carol.

But don’t forget the gifts, too.

You might be surprised at what you can find on your doorstep, with the usual range of goodies, including:Christmas gifts, Christmas trees, gifts for children, decorations, holiday drink, Christmas gifts, holiday drinksSource: ABC News | Duration: 2min 15secTopics:christmas,holiday-and-wreath-wreaths,business-economics-and_finance,christmas-and%E2%80%93christmas-,holiday,united-kingdom