What is the ‘kava drinking meme’?

A ‘kamau drinking meme’ has been circulating on social media and in the comments sections of articles and memes for weeks now, in which a blueberry faya is drunk by a person and someone replies with ‘kama-paka’, a pun on kama-kava, the Hawaiian drink.

In this case, the meme involves a person who replies with a ‘kakama-pa’, or a “kamaku” to a “ka-kama” or “kama kawa” and who says it’s because of their kama drink.

In a Facebook post from the same person in February, the same post also states: “You just had a kama paka and it was so sweet.

You are the best.”

In this particular case, a Facebook user responded to the meme with the following: “Kama kava is the kama of the kava drink.

Kama kavas the kamau of kava.”

The meme has since been shared over 2.4 million times.

A Facebook user, who goes by the name of kamakawaii, also created a Facebook page titled “What is kamapaka?” which has since amassed more than a million likes and more than 1.5 million shares.

The kama kama is the drink of the Kana’o people, who live in Hawaii.

It’s a beverage made by boiling up the water of a kava leaf with coconut and water, which is then filtered through a straw.

The kava then is then added to a mixture of sugar, coconut and honey.

The Kana Kawa drink has been available in Hawaii since the 1970s.

A Facebook page that uses the term “kambayapa” is currently being run by a group of people who claim to be “Kamau Kawa” in Hawaii and that they “are the only Hawaiians who drink kambayapas” and that “Kambayas are our family’s sacred drink”.

However, the group’s official website also includes a page which states that they are not Hawaiians.

“It’s an ancient drink and a Hawaiian tradition, and we do not drink it.

We do not even know what it is,” they explain on the page.”

However, when we hear the name ‘kambaya’, it reminds us of a time when we would make a kambaya-pa, and a kamakea-pa is an old Hawaiian tradition.”

Kama Kawa and kama Paka are both Hawaiian terms for blueberry drinks.

A post on the kambawaii Facebook page stated that it was “kind of weird that someone could have a kaka-pa and a drink that was so ‘okay'”.

“But, the reason we made this page is to spread the word that this is actually a real drink, which should be made with your own kaka,” it added.

The page has also been viewed over 12 million times and has received more than 5,000 comments.

The comments section on the post has also received hundreds of comments that say “Kamara” (meaning blueberry) is not the drink’s actual name, nor is it Hawaiian for the drink, and it should not be considered an actual Hawaiian drink, according to the comments section.

“The term kamba means a blue drink.

The name Kama is actually the drink name of the drink.

I just want to spread a word about it,” one person commented.”

It should not mean a drink.

I just want to spread a word about it,” one person commented.

Kama Pita is a drink similar to kama Kava, but with coconut milk instead of the sugar.

“This is just a way to spread some awareness and hopefully help educate people about what is a real Hawaiian drink,” one commenter wrote.