What are the Starbucks drink sizes?

The number of drinks you can get from Starbucks for the holidays is increasing.

On the last day of Christmas, the company will begin rolling out new sizes of drinks to customers, according to a tweet from Starbucks. 

The drinks sizes range from a pint of iced coffee to a shot of  white rum, and each drink size is sized differently. 

Some of the drinks are smaller than others, like the iced iced tea and the ices water, which are both 1/2 ounce sizes.

Starbucks says the drinks sizes are based on customer feedback, but that customers have expressed concern about the “disappointing” sizes of the ice water and iced teas. 

“This is an important holiday tradition and we’re excited to continue this tradition by giving our customers a choice of sizes,” a Starbucks spokesperson said in a statement.

“The number of ices we offer each year is determined by customer feedback and the number of orders for each beverage, so we know that this is a topic that is very personal to some of our customers.

We have listened and are working hard to deliver a variety of sizes that are meaningful for each of our guests and for our team, and we know we can all enjoy our holiday drinks with the right amount of sweetness and drink size.”

The iced latte and ice iced tea will both be available for purchase on Christmas Day, Starbucks says. 

Starbucks is rolling out its iced lattes and ices in two sizes, iced espresso and coffee.

The iced milkshake will be available in a half cup, with iced milk and cedar.

The ice milkshakes will be sold in the Starbucks Hotel bar, Starbucks announced.

The drinks will also be available at Starbucks locations in select cities throughout the United States and Canada.

Starbucks has not yet released a list of locations for each iced drink.