UK drinks binge drinking hotspots as binge drinkers overshoot in most places

As binge drinking surges in Britain, some of the country’s biggest drinks coasters are seeing more binge drinkers than ever before.

BBC Sport has compiled a list of places where binge drinkers have been spotted and tracked down to find out how much they are drinking and how often.


The Cotswolds Cotswig pub and pub in the village of Cotswick, in Norfolk, has seen a huge spike in the number of binge drinkers.

The pub’s owners say they have seen a “massive surge” in the pub’s customers since the start of the month.

Cotswood Council said the pub was “an integral part of the community and has always been a safe and secure place for everyone to enjoy”.


Barrow’s The Cottesmore in St Albans, Norfolk, was recently the subject of a “wide-ranging” investigation by the Metropolitan Police and the National Crime Agency.

Barrows is a traditional pub, and has seen “an increased number of visitors” since the beginning of the year, according to its website.


The Great Hall of the Royal London Hotel The Great House in Whitechapel, north London, was previously the subject a “felony” investigation after the use of a security camera by an undercover police officer.

The hotel has been cited for not keeping records, but the Metropolitan police say the footage was obtained by an individual who was not authorised to use the footage.


The Middletown Pub in Middlesbrough was recently raided by the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau after police said they were unable to prove that the premises was being used for a criminal purpose.

The investigation into the pub saw officers raid a room where “several men were drinking and engaging in sexual activity” with “multiple underage female customers”.


The Rochdale Pub in Rochdale, Rochdal, was raided by police in September 2016 for not recording any crime in a “safe environment”.

Rochdenies any involvement in the incident, which was not caught on camera, and said the footage shows “no illegal activity taking place”.


The Blackpool Club in Blackpool, south-west England, has been the subject in a number of police investigations.

The club’s website has been visited by police investigating “a possible criminal activity involving a minor”, with “a number of customers who have reported to the club in recent weeks” saying they were drinking at the club and then returning to their homes in the evening.


The Royal London hotel in Westminster was raided on 21 January 2017 by the Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Metropolitan Policing Command.

8. “

Our aim is to provide a safe environment for everyone, regardless of whether they are attending a traditional bar or a venue.”


The King Edward Hotel in Edinburgh has been targeted in a series of raids by the Met Police, which saw it raid the hotel’s premises on 21 July 2017 and seize cash and items, including laptops, mobile phones and laptops.

The Metropolitan Police said the raids “revealed criminal activity taking the form of criminal enrichment, which is not tolerated in any form”.


The St James Hotel in Liverpool has been singled out by police for a “significant” spike in visitors in recent months, with some people going as far as to stay overnight.

The Met Police said it had recorded an “increase in criminality” and was “monitoring the situation”.

The hotel “has also been receiving a significant number of calls to our emergency contact centre, including some from young people”, the spokesman added.


The Bexley Estate in south-east London has also been targeted by the police, after “a significant increase” in visitors since the end of November.

Police said a number were “acting inappropriately and engaging with others” and that “there has been an increase in drug use and theft”.


The Whitechappen House pub in Walthamstow, south London, has also seen an increase, with the police saying they have been investigating “significant issues relating to drug dealing, theft and other criminal activity”.

The pub has been “an essential part of our community for many years” and the police have been “pursuing a number related offences” since January, the spokesman said.


The Old Bailey in London has seen more than 30 people charged since November for “inciting racial hatred”, according to the Metropolitan policing force.

In addition, it has seen the arrests of six people, including two from the UK, on suspicion of “involvement in criminal activities” in relation to a “pre-planned attack”.


The London Eye was recently targeted by police after a report was made that “a large number of people had been seen drinking alcohol in the street”.

The police said that “one person in particular was seen drinking a beer at a