Top 10 drinks in America’s top 10 most expensive cities

The 10 most-expensive cities in America are dominated by high-end beverages.

Here are the 10 most pricey cities in the country:1.

New York City (New York) The Times ranking, based on data from real-estate firm Zillow, showed New York, which has been dubbed “The Most Expensive City in America,” had a median price of $2,700.

That’s up a whopping $1,200 from last year.

Its priciest borough is Brooklyn, with a median house price of just over $1.2 million.2.

San Francisco, Calif.

(San Francisco) The most expensive city in the U.S., with a price tag of $3,600.

That was up $150 from last years rankings.3.

Washington, D.C. (Washington) The third most expensive U. S. city, with its median price rising $200 from $1 a year ago.

The second-most expensive in the nation.4.

San Jose, Calif., (San Jose) The fourth most expensive in America, with the median price up $100 from last summer.

The fourth-most-expensive city in America.5.

Phoenix, Ariz.

(Phoenix) The fifth-most costly city in U.,S., at a median of $1 million.

The fifth most expensive metro area in the entire country.6.

Boston, Mass.

(Boston) The sixth most expensive metropolitan area in America at a $1 billion median home price.7.

Las Vegas, Nev.

(Las Vegas) The seventh most expensive, with median prices of $6,500.8.

Houston, Texas (Houston) The eighth most expensive on the list with median price in the top 10 at $5.2 billion.9.

Philadelphia, Pa.

(Philadelphia) The ninth most expensive for a median home in the United States at $4.8 billion.10.

Atlanta, Ga.

(Atlanta) The tenth most expensive at a home price of more than $1M.