The best-selling ketones drinks are now $1 each, thanks to the Applebee’s dollar drink

The Applebee´s dollar drink is a great way to save money when shopping for healthy foods and beverages.

It comes in three flavors and has an extra $1 for each.

That makes it the most popular healthy starbucks drink among the 500-plus foods and drinks in Applebee restaurants.

The drink is priced at $2.49 for a 12-ounce container, which comes with 1.2 grams of ketones.

The $1 price tag is lower than the $1.79 that Starbucks sold last week for the same product.

The Applebees dollar drinks are available online and at stores, so it’s not easy to find one.

The brand is selling more than 3 million of them per week.

The applebee’s drink is sold in more than 60 stores, according to the brand’s website.

But a spokeswoman for the company declined to comment.

Applebee’s has been in the news recently for not selling out of its popular $1 drinks.

On Friday, the chain announced that it would be ending its offer for $1-a-shot coffee drinks and replacing them with $1 applebee´S drink.

The chain has said it plans to continue to sell the drinks and the coffee.

It will continue to offer the $5 drink, which is a $1 off coupon code, and $2 Applebees dollar drinks, which are $1 per container and are made with 1 gram of ketone.

The $1 Applebee`s dollar, which was last sold at the Applebees stores in December, comes in flavors including green apple, strawberry and blueberry.

The $2-a.-shot applebee`S dollar is the most expensive drink sold at Applebee stores, at $4.89, according the brand website.

The drinks are also available online.