Starbucks uses probiotic drinks to boost breast cancer prevention

Starbucks has announced it will begin to use a probiotic drink to help combat breast cancer in some of its stores, and the drink could be a game-changer for the industry.

Starbucks, which has been battling breast cancer for more than 20 years, said in a statement that it would now provide breast cancer patients with a probiotics drink called BioBoost.

The drink will be sold in its stores and will include a “healthy probiotic” and other supplements, the company said.

The beverage is made from a probiotoxin, which is made by Bifidobacterium and contains several amino acids and vitamins.

Starbucks said the drink is designed to help women with pre-cancerous breast tissue reduce the risk of developing breast cancer.

The drinks come after Starbucks announced in February it would use a protein-rich probiotic powder to treat pre- and post-cancer symptoms.

Starbucks previously offered a similar probiotic formula in the form of a soft drink called a Frappuccino.