Starbucks has a ‘best’ Christmas drinks list

Starbucks has released a list of its Christmas drinks that it says have a “best Christmas drink list.”

The coffee giant said it chose the list because “the best thing about Christmas is sharing a drink with family and friends.”

Starbucks also said it would include some “special holiday flavors” at the top of the list.

The list, titled “Celebrate the Holidays in Style,” features some of its most popular drinks.

It includes three “special” Christmas drinks: •Starbucks Light Frappuccino •Mixed Berry Punch •Sweet Strawberry Starbuck’s The company said that it wanted to “celebrate the holidays” in a “personal way.”

“We wanted to create a drink that celebrates all that makes the holidays special, and we’re delighted to share that with you,” the company said in a statement.

Starbursts The drinks on the list include Starbucks Light Frapps Red Velvet Pumpkin Spice Apple Pie Mango Banana Split Orange Blackberry Strawberry  Red Blend Blueberry Cinnamon Sugar Plum Cherry Vanilla Kiwi Peach Green  Apple Berry Lemon Raspberry Pink Violet Biscuit White Yellow Hot Chocolate Sweet Potato Jelly Cheese Potato Chips Ice Cream Flavorings Aromatics Colors The drink list was designed by two baristas from Starbucks’ New York City location and includes more than 400 drinks from around the world.

This year’s list features drinks from the U.K., Spain, Japan, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Portugal, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal and the United States.

Here are the top 20 Christmas drinks in the U.

“Starbucks has long said it wants to celebrate Christmas in a personal way.

 “We want to celebrate the holidays in a way that reflects the uniqueness of our customers and makes a statement about who we are,” Starbucks said in its statement.”

We believe our people, our cultures, our traditions and our products all come together to celebrate our time together and we want to do that by creating and celebrating experiences that reflect the people, cultures and traditions of each of our cities.

“A company spokeswoman said the list was “a reflection of our passion to celebrate all the best things about the holidays, and it is something we have been thinking about for a while.

“She added that Starbucks would work to bring back some of the “special holidays” from previous years.