New Mexico governor: ‘A drunk can drown’

New Mexico Gov.

Susana Martinez said Tuesday that she’s “deeply disappointed” in the city of Albuquerque for allowing an 18-year-old to drown in a river, after a New Mexico Department of Health report found the young man had been drinking excessively.

“I think it’s a horrible way to respond to the situation, especially with all the things that are going on out there,” Martinez said during a news conference.

Martinez, a Democrat, said she spoke to the victim’s family on Tuesday, and apologized for the “shameful” decision that led to the young woman’s death.

“We can only hope this will serve as a lesson to others and that the city and the district of Albuquerque will do everything they can to make sure that this never happens again,” she said.

New Mexico Gov., Susana Martin Martinez, speaks during a press conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on May 16, 2021.

The Department of Public Health issued a report in August 2016 that said the young victim was drinking excessively and that she may have consumed more than 200 milligrams of alcohol in a 24-hour period, according to a New Mexican newspaper.

The report also found that the teen had a history of depression, anxiety and substance abuse issues.

Her office did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment on the governor’s comments.

Martez said in her statement that she had ordered a state health official to review the situation and was working to address the issue.

The report said the city had been working with the local fire department to prevent the young person from becoming entangled in the river.

Martellos administration has been under pressure in recent weeks after a judge in New Mexico ordered the state to halt a $3.5 billion bond program aimed at improving public health in the state.

The program includes $1 million in bond proceeds to help build the state’s first methadone treatment facility, which will be used to treat heroin addicts.