Monster energy drink, rum drinks, green drink are available in Spain

A new Monster energy drinks line is now available in the Spanish market, and the company is offering them for €1.89 per 16ml.

The drinks are also available in several other countries, including Brazil, Australia and the UK.

Monster’s Spanish line is being rolled out in the wake of an explosion in sales in Spain last week, when customers reported a sudden spike in sales.

The company said that the explosion occurred in the form of a new type of battery that could potentially cause a fire if improperly discharged.

While the company did not disclose what was in the new battery, it did say that it would be “very difficult to prove” the product was not safe.

The company’s Spanish website also said that its new Monster Energy drink “is now available on the shelves of Spain’s most popular drinker, Drinks for Life.”

“It is our belief that this product will provide a safe alternative to the current toxic and harmful brands of green drinks,” the company said in a statement.