Jamaica Energy Drink to join Burger King as part of ‘foodies’ drink range

The Foodies drink range is to be launched next week, with a number of companies including Burger King, Crave and Shake Shack coming to market to try and attract young and hip consumers.

A number of food and drink companies are in the market to cater for young and growing tastes, with some brands even trying to replicate the brand’s popularity with the drinks’ new menu items.

In terms of drinks, Cravath has announced that its new Drink Pack will feature a “Bourbon, Scotch and Pomegranate, topped with a cocktail of lime, lemon and lime juice”, as well as a “Fresh Lemonade, a Lemonade with Cream, and a Limeade with Lemon.”

Lemonade will also be available with “lime juice, fresh lime zest and orange juice” and “lime and lemonade with a splash of citrus juice.”

The new range is aimed at young, urban consumers and is being promoted by J&G Beverage Group, the UK’s largest supermarket group.

Its drinks range includes “the ultimate summer drink”, the “classic” drink of “beer, wine and gin” and the “modern” drink which features “juice, water, fruit and nuts”.

Cravath said that its drink range will be available from July 1.

The company said it is aiming to attract an audience of young consumers, “especially young men” who have grown up with the drink. 

Its drinks are also targeting men in their 20s and 30s and young women.

J&G said it wanted to provide the drink to young people “who want to take the time to explore the possibilities of a new and interesting drink and enjoy it with friends”.

The brand is also offering a “newly designed” drink menu, which will include “fresh fruit and chocolate” alongside the “fresh lemonade, lemonade and limeade with lemon.”

Crava has also announced that it is launching its own brand of “modern and exciting” cocktails to coincide with the launch of its new drink range.

Cravat is a small and independent Australian beverage brand, and it has an extensive range of “authentic” drinks, including a cocktail for every occasion, “from a casual dinner party to a serious workday”, and “everything in between”.

It also has a range of food drinks and “fun-to-go” foods, including “gummy bears, crackers and doughnuts”.

J&J said it had developed its drink brand to meet a “real need” from young people, who are looking for something new and different.

The drink range includes cocktails and snacks, which are made with fresh ingredients, and “uniquely delicious”.

Coca-Cola is also launching its drink drink, which is “the perfect drink for your next social gathering”.

The drink will be released on July 1, with Coca-Cola offering its new range of drinks in six flavours, including an “Aged Strawberry with Lemon and Lime”, a “Juicy Strawberry with Fresh Lime and Lemon” and a “Creamy Strawberry with Lime and Lime”.

The drinks are priced at $3.95 for a 20ml bottle, $6.95 with a 30ml bottle and $10.95 after that.

Coca Cola said it was introducing the new drinks to the market in response to a growing number of “real and compelling” tastes from young and old people. 

CocaCola’s “modern drinks” include a range that is “truly modern”, which “adds a fresh touch to a classic cocktail”, while “the new generation of drink-hungry consumers” want “to experience the taste of fresh ingredients”.