It’s a good time to buy some beer, says a guy who is buying up the stock in Gibson Drink, one of the country’s biggest beer producers.

Gibson, a subsidiary of the Koch Industries Co., said in a statement that it was working with local governments to develop a plan for the brewery’s stock.

The brewer has been buying up stock in local companies since last summer.

It is the second-largest U.S. brewer after MillerCoors.

The company has about 1.2 million employees worldwide.

The stock has climbed about 80% this year.

In January, Gibson bought up about 70% of the stock of the Chicago-based New Orleans brewery Blue Point Brewing Co., according to Bloomberg News.

In April, Gibsons parent company, Koch Industries, bought about 7% of New England’s craft beer company, Pabst Brewing Co. Gibsson has been an early investor in the burgeoning craft beer industry.

In October, it signed a 10-year deal to purchase the majority of the San Diego brewery Lagunitas Brewing Company.

In June, it agreed to buy a majority stake in Goose Island Brewing Co.’s parent company.

In August, Gibby’s parent company announced it was buying another brewery, New Belgium Brewing Co.; it will take over as the second largest brewery in the United States after Miller.

Gibson is a member of the American Brewers Guild.