‘I’m not a monster’: Starbucks Christmas drink menu to be released

Starbucks will release a list of the Christmas drinks it will be releasing over the next few weeks, in anticipation of a busy festive season.

The coffee chain has already released a list for this year’s holiday season, which features tequila, coffee, and champagne.

Starbucks has also been releasing new items this year, including the Christmas drink ‘Vintage’, which it will release on December 15, as well as a ‘Tangerine and Creamy Pumpkin Spice Tea’ which will be available on December 24.

Here’s a list that will be released over the Christmas period.

Dairy Free Chocolate Dry chocolate with a chocolate coating.

Ice cream with vanilla ice cream.

Frozen Yogurt Makes an ice cream ice cream base.

Mint chocolate covered with mint.

Cherry Malt extract.

Peach Mash with apple.

Blueberry Melt with vanilla.

Pomegranate Mushrooms and berries with a pecan base.