‘I’d drink a Keto drink’: Keto drinks best mixed drink, Rob Roy

Rob Roy, the former President of the United States, is the drink of choice at many a hipster bar, but it appears the drink that he is most fond of is his Keto diet drink.

Roy’s Keto Diet drink is one of the most popular Keto foods, with nearly 6 million sales in the United Kingdom and more than 25 million in the US alone.

According to the UK food and drink website the Daily Mail, Roy’s drink is sold by more than 5,000 bars in the UK alone.

The drink was first launched in the mid-1990s by Roy, who said that he “would never be able to eat or drink anything but Keto” when he first became president.

Since then, Roy has been known to have taken Keto food for granted, and it’s even been his drink of preference at many of his parties.

Keto products are often a staple of Roy’s diet, and his wife and son even regularly get their hands on the diet food.

“I have always had my Keto meals and drinks, but they have always been at the same time a little bit different to my regular meals,” Roy told ABC News.

“I’m always getting a little different and I’m always changing the way I eat.”

“You’re never going to get the same kind of balance as you do if you eat Keto.

The amount of fat is very different, the amount of carbs is very, very different.”

Roy’s new drink is a blend of fruits, spices and honey, and while it is one popular drink among Keto enthusiasts, it is not one that many Americans would find as good as Roy’s original Keto mix.

“You know, it’s definitely not for everybody,” Roy said.

“It’s definitely for people who like a bit of sugar, and people who want a little more protein and some carbs.”

So I’d definitely drink a couple of the Keto-based drinks.

But if I had to pick just one, it would be a Kegel shake.

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