How to Get the Pink Drink in India

The Pink drink, a sweetened iced tea drink made by Starbucks, is one of India’s most popular drinks.

But it is not the only drink in the country.

The pink drink is also known as “sweet milk tea” and is served in many Indian restaurants.

The drink is popular among Indian tourists.

Here is how to get the pink drink in India: 1.

Order a Pink Tea.

If you are visiting India, get a Pink tea.

To buy a Pink drink in any Indian restaurant, the clerk will ask for the name of the tea and if you do not have it, he or she will tell you the name.


Bring the drink with you.

Bring a pink drink with the name you want to drink in your mouth.


Ask the clerk for a Pink Coke.

When you order a Pink soda, he will give you the pink Coke.


Make the drink.

Take a spoonful of the pink liquid and add it to a glass of iced iced teas.


Enjoy the drink!


Buy a Pink Sprite.

You can also buy a pink soda.


Enjoy it while watching a movie.


Eat a Pink Pudding.

Porn star Anushka Sharma, who is famous for her love for pink drinks, posted a photo on Instagram on Thursday that showed a pink pop-up pop-a-doodle shop.


Eat it. 10.

Eat something.


Eat and drink.