How to get rid of your old Xbox 360 console

The Xbox 360 is now officially dead, but if you were to ask around you might find you’ve still got one in your possession.

This article will give you a bit of an overview of what you can get rid.

If you’re looking for an Xbox 360 controller or accessories, these may be out of stock on the Xbox Store:Xbox 360 Controller: Xbox 360 Controller + Gamepad for $60, Xbox 360 Joystick + Gameplay Controller for $65, and Xbox 360 USB Cable for $45, all sold out.

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Xbox 360: Xbox One Wireless Controller + USB Cable, $79.99, all on sale.

Xbox Wireless Controller with Wireless Gaming Mouse + USB Cord + Xbox 360 Headset + USB Gamepad + USB Adapter + Xbox Wireless Adapter for $29.99.

Xbox One Controller + Wireless Gaming Headset for $49.99 (in-store only).

Xbox 360 Wireless Gamepad, Wired Xbox 360 Gamepad Controller, Wireless Xbox 360 Gaming Headphone, Wireless Wireless Wireless Gamepads, Wireless Wired Wireless Gaming Gamepad, Wireless Game Pad + USB to Wireless Gaming Adapter for under $50 (in store only).

Xbox 360 Smartphone for $99.99 on Amazon.

Xbox Controller + Joystick for $80 (in Store only).

A few more accessories that might be of interest:Xbox Wireless Controller or Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Keyboard + USB 3.0 Cable for Xbox One: Xbox Wireless Wireless Gaming Controller + Keyboard + Wireless Wireless Keyboard + Bluetooth Keyboard + HDMI to Wireless Gamestick Adapter for around $70 (in showroom only).

If you’ve already had your Xbox 360, there’s a lot of other hardware to pick from: Xbox Smartphone + USB Hub + Wireless Mouse + HDMI Cable for a total of around $30.

Xbox Gamepad Adapter + Wireless Game Mouse + Wireless USB Cable + USB cable + Wireless HDMI to Xbox Wireless GamePad Adapter for a whopping $50.