How to get drunk with mad dog drinks

It’s not exactly the first time that someone has made a drink that looks like a monster energy drinks, but the new drink is so bad it’s already been banned from many pubs.

The new drink looks a lot like a Monster Energy drink and is also called ‘Mad Dog’ which is an odd name considering that the drink is a mix of energy drinks and booze. 

What is a Monster energy drink?

The energy drink that was first released in 2017 is a mixture of a mix between energy drinks such as Monster Energy and vodka.

It has an artificial flavor that is designed to make the drink more drinkable.

The energy drink also contains a high amount of caffeine, and contains ingredients that may cause some people to experience a hangover after drinking it.

However, this has not been shown to have a significant effect on people drinking the drink. 

Who is mad dog?

Mad dogs are a type of dog that is often found in the wild, and are typically very aggressive.

These dogs are also known as wolf dogs, but they are not usually aggressive towards humans. 

Mad dog drinks are sometimes known as ‘mad dogs of the night’, and are usually served in restaurants, bars and clubs.

However this is not a popular drink for those who prefer a quiet, calm drink.

Mad dogs have been around for some time, but are still considered as a wild animal.

They are usually aggressive, and will often attack humans.