How to drink your Champagne without a Fireball drink

Drink a glass of wine while you’re working out.

It’ll make you feel better, so drink it.

If you’re at a bar and you’re not feeling like eating, drink a glass and get a snack.

If the bar is full, grab a cocktail and drink it too.

But if you’re in a bar, get your friend to get you a drink, then go back out and grab another.

You’re going to need a little help.

Try to keep it as simple as possible.

It’s better to have a few cocktails than one.

Drink more than you normally would.

And you might not want to drink any more than your body can handle.

If your body’s getting sick, or you’re getting a stomach ache, ask for a doctor to check you out.

And don’t go drinking all night.

Drink some water.

And if you have a little more than a few glasses of wine, take some with you.

And keep your body hydrated.

If it’s a hot day, try a glass or two of orange juice and some orange-flavored water.

Try a light glass of lemonade, or just some water and ice.

You can get plenty of vitamins and minerals from these drinks.

And be sure to drink some water after you’re done working out, too.

Drink a few hours before bed.

If a hot and humid day has left you feeling tired, you might want to skip a few drinks and enjoy a few more.

But it’s still best to drink plenty of water and drink plenty at bedtime.

And while you’ll feel a little sore from all the drinking, don’t be alarmed if you get colds or coughs.

You’ve just spent a little bit of time at the gym, so you might be in a good mood.

But don’t worry, there are ways to avoid getting a cold or cough.

And, if you feel really tired, there’s plenty of relief from your body to help you feel more energetic.

And when you get up to do your work, drink plenty.

Drink lots.

And drink them before bedtime as well.

But for now, drink the water and water before bed as well as after.

Drink plenty, especially if you’ve got a cold.