How to build a cosmo drink – Cosmo

Drinking a drink with a bottle or cup is no longer a chore.

It is not hard at all.

There are thousands of Cosmo products on the market.

Nowhere to hide, no excuse to hide.

That’s why I decided to take it easy.

I wanted to focus on a few things: The Cosmo drink.

The best one.

The one that will make you feel at ease.

So I bought one.

How to build the perfect Cosmo Drink: 1.

Drink with a small bottle.

If you are using a glass or a plastic bottle, the tip of the bottle should be at least 6 inches long.

Otherwise, the Cosmo will not come out with a nice smooth texture.

If the tip is too long, you will get a dull taste.


Keep your fingers crossed.

You will not find any reason to drink the Cosmos with a spoon.

That means you need to use a good fork or a spoon to stir it.

It will have to be well-mixed.


When mixing, add a bit of sugar.

If you don’t like it, add water a little at a time.


Do not add more sugar than you have already used.

It might taste better, but it will not be pleasant.


Do use a wooden spoon, not a plastic one.

You’ll need a clean one.


Make sure the Cosmons are covered.

If they are covered, the drink will not keep its shape.

It may come out wet.


Use a spoon or wooden spoon to add water.

It has to be clean.


Drink well.

The Cosmos should stay smooth and you can’t even taste the drink.

I have seen many people that drink the drink without feeling good.

Do it carefully.


Don’t be shy to ask for help.

Cosmoms are not supposed to be drunk in front of others.

I mean, they are not.

They are meant to be enjoyed.

So if someone asks you to drink with them, you should politely decline.

You need to be able to drink in your own personal space.


The drink should last at least 2 hours.

But I usually drink it for an hour.

It’s not that bad.

That can be a challenge.

So you need a drink that lasts longer.

That way, you won’t feel as bad.

And it will also have less impact on your body.

So be sure to drink well.

Cosmo: the best drinking game