How to be the coolest man in the room at the R&B Awards

How to become the coolest guy in the crowd at the Best R&amouse Awards.

The rules apply, and the RIAA has put out an entire guide for the annual awards ceremony, which is set to take place Sunday night.

The Rules, as they are called, cover everything from what kind of music you can play and what type of drinks you can drink, to what you can wear, how you dress, and what kind you should wear.

Here are the rules: 1.

Be an asshole.


Don’t be a dick to anyone.


Have a good time.


Show up early.


Be respectful.


Dress conservatively.


Be friendly.


Wear comfortable clothes.


Don´t be a jerk.


Have fun.

The RIAAs rules are as follows: Don’t get too much into the weeds.

You have a few options here, but the RCAAs rules don’t apply to this year’s awards.

You can try to make a few waves, like your name is “Logan” and you are a big fan of hip hop, but that’s just stupid.

Your name is Logan, and your music is definitely hip hop.

You’re not the only one who’s trying to break the rules this year.

This year’s RCA Awards rules include the following: 1) No celebrities or celebrities-related parties.

2) No wearing clothes that don’t match your outfit.

3) No loud music or loud dancing.

4) No smoking.

5) No alcohol or drugs.

6) No offensive language or pictures.

7) No drinking on the Rodeo Drive, especially on weekends.

8) No yelling.

9) No spitting.

10) No cursing.

11) No anything else you feel is rude or offensive.

12) No excessive use of profanity.

13) No making eye contact.

14) No being too loud or boisterous.

15) No kissing.

16) No taking selfies.

17) No using alcohol in public.

18) No throwing objects.

19) No dancing in front of people or wearing any kind of dancing gear.

20) No playing the cello.

21) No singing.

22) No showing up to awards after the show with a camera in your hand.

23) No speaking to the media.

24) No posing in front to the cameras.

25) No touching people in the lobby, especially people in front.

26) No sitting on the carpet in front and outside the event.

27) No leaving the stage after the award show.

28) No texting.

29) No asking for a picture with someone during the show.

30) No getting in a fist fight.

31) No putting a shirt on the back of your pants, even if you think it looks good.

32) No grabbing your phone.

33) No talking about sex or drug use.

34) No calling anyone names.

35) No looking at people’s breasts.

36) No saying you like someone or doing anything that makes them uncomfortable.

37) No eating food, or drinking alcohol.

38) No carrying any kind or size of camera.

39) No holding hands.

40) No sharing any kind, shape, or color of your penis.

41) No hanging out with anyone under any circumstances.

42) No any of the following actions: You’re in the middle of a conversation.

You want to ask someone else a question.

You feel uncomfortable with the way someone is acting.

You are looking to be alone.

You don’t want to be seen.

You’ve just been out partying or looking for something to do. 43) No walking around or making eye contacts with anyone.

44) No standing or sitting in a crowd.

45) No moving or sitting down.

46) No having any kind and/or specific conversation with someone.

47) No pretending to be someone else.

48) No whispering.

49) No smiling.

50) No laughing.

51) No flirting with someone, especially someone you don’t know.

52) No telling anyone you are watching a show.

53) No checking in with anyone after the event has ended.

54) No going out to grab a drink.

55) No socializing.

56) No shopping for gifts.

57) No acting in a romantic way.

58) No commenting on someone else’s looks or fashion.

59) No mentioning anything that isn’t a joke or a compliment.

60) No teasing.

61) No joking around.

62) No embarrassing yourself.

63) No doing anything to make others uncomfortable.

64) No staying up late or getting up too early.

65) No lying.

66) No picking your nose or using any kind.

67) No screaming or swearing.

68) No swearing at anyone.

69) No running around.

70) No giving any kind any kind attention.

71) No hiding anything.

72) No trying to be