How to avoid mudslides in a bucket

After an earthquake, the city is a little less than half the size of a small town.

But it is not safe to walk alone.

What to do if you are trapped?

If you are in a flooded area, make sure you are using a waterproof, high-tech waterproofing kit, such as a bucket, and you are aware of how to use it.

If you have been in an earthquake before, use a shovel and get out quickly.

Do not walk on top of rocks, as that can crush your foot, according to the British Red Cross.

Be careful to avoid stepping on rocks in flooded areas, as the water can be high enough to crush your shoe.

Do take a waterproof bag, as you can get wet in the mud, but do not carry it in your waistband or waist belt.

It is a good idea to wear a waterproof jacket if you do not have a jacket.

You can still walk on the street, but in some places you will be unable to do so, such in flood-prone areas.

If possible, make your way to the nearest petrol station and ask for petrol.

There are a number of ways to avoid getting crushed by water.

You can walk in the rain, or climb a tree to escape it.

You could also use a bucket to swim.

If you find yourself trapped, call 999 and the emergency services are likely to help.