Google announces a new ad-buying service for the online ad market

Google is introducing a new type of advertising product in its next major product update, which will let advertisers purchase ads for any online business in the world through Google Ads.

Google is now making the decision to expand the scope of its advertising services to include online ad buying through a new product called the Google Ad SDK, which Google will unveil in the coming weeks.

The SDK is designed to help businesses get more control over their advertising campaigns, with Google allowing advertisers to directly interact with advertisers.

The platform will be available to developers in the near future, Google said in a blog post Monday.

“We’ve been working hard on building the right platform for advertisers to offer the most relevant ads to the right people and at the right time,” Google Ad Vice President and VP of Ads Paul Ziemann said in the post.

“With this new SDK, advertisers can directly interact directly with Google Ads, giving them the ability to make better-targeted ads and make better ads that people actually want to see.”

The SDK will allow advertisers to buy ads on any of the company’s ad networks, including Google’s own Google AdWords and AdWords for Mobile platforms.

The goal is to make it easier for advertisers and marketers to reach their audiences.

Ads can be bought by consumers, advertisers or both.

Google will provide advertisers with the ability in the future to pay for the ads on their own accounts, according to Zieman.

“Our goal is always to make advertising more relevant and more useful for consumers and for businesses,” Ziemain said.

“We’ve spent the last year and a half working on this new product.

We’re excited to be delivering on this promise to advertisers and developers in a big way.”